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3D Audio Ultimate Production Bundle

$575 $458

This bundle contains...

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Individual Total Price (Regular): $782
Bundle Price (Regular): $616
Individual Total Price (Summer Sale): $575
Bundle Price (Summer Sale): $458

Elevate Your Productions with the 3D Audio Ultimate Production Bundle

For advanced creators and professionals seeking the most comprehensive toolset, the 3D Audio Ultimate Production Bundle is the perfect choice. Designed for users of multichannel DAWs, this bundle offers everything you need to produce top-tier immersive audio experiences:

  • 3DX Standard: Create and experience sound as it’s never been heard before.
  • HPL Processor Ultimate: Perfect headphone sound.
  • MonoLow: Low-band phase alignment. Solid and clear bass. (macOS Only)
  • AmbienceEnhancer Standard: Accurately adjust the sound field. (macOS Only)

You can now get all these comprehensive tools together at a significantly reduced price! Take your audio production to the ultimate level with this all-inclusive bundle and enjoy substantial savings.

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$575 $458

3D Audio Ultimate Production Bundle

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