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3D Audio Creator’s Essentials Bundle

$241 $172

This bundle contains...

3DX Lite

  • Qty: 1

HPL Processor Lite

5.0 (1)
  • Qty: 1

Ambience Enhancer Lite

4.8 (51)
  • Qty: 1

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Individual Total Price (Regular): $334
Individual Total Price (Summer Sale): $241
Bundle Price (Regular): $236
Bundle Price (Summer Sale): $172

Unlock your creative potential with the 3D Audio Creator’s Essentials Bundle.

Perfect for creators looking to expand their sound design capabilities. This bundle is a selection of products whose features can be fully utilized, even if you are using DAWs that do not support multi-channel tracks like Ableton Live. Whichever DAW you are using, this bundle is a perfect start for binaural production. This bundle includes:

  • 3DX Lite: Create and experience sound as it’s never been heard before.
  • HPL Processor Lite: Perfect headphone sound.
  • MonoLow: Low-band phase alignment. Solid and clear bass. (macOS Only)
  • AmbienceEnhancer Lite: Accurately adjust the sound field. (macOS Only)

You can now get all these powerful tools together at a significantly reduced price! Elevate your audio production with this essential set of tools and take advantage of this incredible value.

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$241 $172

3D Audio Creator’s Essentials Bundle

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